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Water Intake Calculator

Human body is made up of approximately 60% water, so water is inevitable for living. The functionality of our body depends on the water intake such as water is the medium to carry oxygen to all the cells in the body, so water is the basic thing for all organs functionality. Not only oxygen, it also carries nutrition to the body, the other functionalities like moisturizing the soft tissues in the eyes, nose and mouth, then lubricating the leg and hand joints and also maintaining the body temperature.

Inadequate water intake leads to many severe problems, dehydration, internal organ damage and above 20% water loss lead to coma and in some cases death. Adequate water intake gives a healthy, refreshing body and mind. We lose the water content in the form of perspiration, bowel movement, urination, breathing and sweating. So we have to drink a proper amount of water to compensate for those forms of fluid loss and avoid dehydration

What is a water intake calculator?

Water intake calculator is a tool used to calculate our daily water intake needs to avoid dehydration and proper body functionalities. Water intake requirements depend on body weight, age, physical activities, environment and sun exposure. By using this we can predict our water intake needs but it’s not an appropriate value , only it’s a suggestion to avoid severe problems and dehydration.

Important facts about water:

  • Human beings can live without food for about one month but without water we can’t live more than one week.
  • Sufficient water intake leads to a good digestive system, detoxification and hydrated skin.
  • Ice cubes(frozen water) float in water because water expands 9% while it freezes.
  • According to research results an adult man needs to drink approximately 3.5litre of water daily and adult women should drink approximately 2.7litre to 3 litre of water, it may vary for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Water need depends on following factors:

  • Age and body weight: Human being weight,height and age plays major role in water intake need
  • Environment: if you are living in more humidity climate you need not to drink more water,dry place or sunny weather leads dehydration because of more sweat so you have to drink more water to compensate the water need
  • Physical activities: physical activities varies person to person depending on their lifestyle, work, age so water intake requirement varies from low active person to hyper active person
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should ensure intake of more fluid via food or drinking water to be healthy and avoid dehydration to both of them.
  • Health issues: some health issues also solved by drinking sufficient amounts of water i.e kidney stone, constipation,etc. If you have recently undergone any surgery you should ensure proper water intake to quick recovery and to avoid any side effects.

How to calculate your water requirement by using our water intake calculator?

  • Every person’s water intake requirement will vary according to some factor, so you should calculate your water needs accurately and ensure those quantities of intake for a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Our digital online calculator can easily calculate your daily water intake requirement easily by getting some data like your age, gender, height, weight, season and your activity level. 
  • After entering those details click the calculate option then your result i.e your water intake requirement will be displayed instantly.
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