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Pregnancy Estimated Due Date Calculator

What is Pregnancy EDD?

Pregnancy EDD means Estimated Delivery Date of delivery, it is a date when the delivery of a baby from the mother’s womb. There are various factors considered to calculate the pregnancy EDD, they are LMP(Last Menstrual Period), date of Conception, IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) and ultrasound scans are taken in the early stage of pregnancy.

How Estimated due date of pregnancy calculated?

  • Generally pregnancy lasts 40 weeks or 280 days, so adding the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) with 40 weeks or 280 days results in your EDD. Also EDD is calculated by using Date of Conception, in this method adding 266 days with your first day of your last menstrual period.
  • Early stage ultrasound is also used to predict the delivery date but there is no method to predict the exact date of baby delivery. Basically a baby will be born between 36 weeks – 41 weeks is very normal and it all depends on the mother’s health, mother’s age, hormonal balance, lifestyle, physical movement, etc.
  • Internal factors that play a major role in childbirth is mothers psychological stress , birth canal, baby position in the mother’s womb, muscle contraction, fetus head size, etc.

Why do you need to use the pregnancy Estimated Due Date calculator?

  • The Pregnancy Estimated Due Date calculator is used to determine the approximate Date of Delivery so it reduces the risk of mother and baby life. Used to inspect the baby weight, growth and organ development respective to gestational age.
  • The baby born before completion of 36 week is known as premature or preterm baby and sometimes the baby born after completion of 40 weeks is known as overdue baby. Premature babies need special care, treatment and check-ups for their health improvement.
  • Reduce the last minute rush up during delivery, medical emergency and also fulfill the mother’s eagerness about newborn arrival to some extent.

Things to be considered while calculating Estimated Delivery Date:

  • Genuinely, no one can predict the exact time of the baby’s delivery in this world, but we can predict or determine the approximate date of delivery. The high accuracy of the prediction depends on the date of conception and menstrual cycle of the mother.
  • Conception date is the day when the sperm meets the egg for the fertilization process, after completion of implantation process one can be sure about the fertilization results.
  • By using ovulation window you can calculate your date of conception, usually sperm can live upto five days and ovum (egg) can live 24 hours after reaching the ovary, so it can be any time of this particular duration.
  • As we saw above, Last Menstrual Period (LMP) is the dominant factor to calculate the EDD, it’s easy to calculate if you have a proper menstrual cycle. But for every person it won’t happen, so while calculating EDD with irregular or changing duration menstrual cycles one should at least notice their last two or three month menstrual cycle.
  • Basically cycle length is 28 days, if you have a short menstrual cycle i.e 27 days or 26 days means your EDD will be earlier than we expected according to your cycle. In contrast to that your menstrual cycle is longer means your EDD will be postponed to later according to the difference between the normal length.
  • Not every woman has the same health condition, so if you’re having irregular periods or any hormonal problem it’s difficult to calculate your due date accurately in the early stage. Generally pregnancy date is calculated from the first day of the last period if you have a regular period cycle, suppose if mother’s period cycle is irregular the mean delivery date will be calculated between 37 weeks to 42 weeks.
  • In the third trimester scan the doctor will let you know the somewhat accurate estimated delivery date for you according to baby growth and position.

How to calculate Pregnancy Estimated Delivery Date by using our tool?

  • You can easily calculate your Pregnancy Estimated Delivery Date by using an online calculating tool, manually calculating the EDD takes more time and may cause inaccuracy because of human error.
  • Our digital online calculator website provides lots of calculating tools in which you can calculate your EDD using our EDD calculator tool, for predicting your baby delivery date.
  • By using this link https://www.digitalonlinecalculator.com/ you can reach our calculator tool, there you’ll see the menu option of the website homepage in the right hand side. You have to choose according to our required calculation category for calculating EDD, it comes under the health calculators category.
  • After reaching the EDD calculator you have to fill in the answer for two questions to get your estimated delivery date such as starting date of your last period and your period cycle length i.e how many days your periods exist every month. Then click calculate your due date option and finally your estimated delivery date will be displayed instantly in the result page.