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What is Age calculator?

How long living beings,i.e Human, Animals., lived or  non-living thing that exists in the world is known as the age of that person or age of that thing. Shortly, age of person is the period  of time from their first presence in the world to present time or  in some cases specific time. There are many methods followed to calculate age of person in various region like Traditional Chinese age calculation method, babies age calculation depends on their traditional new year instead of date of birth. In some regions only their completed age is considered instead of calculating month and date accurately.

How does the age calculator work?

In this age calculator, we use the most commonly used age calculation method. Simply,Age= Date of birth – Given date or present date. Here a person’s age is calculated by subtracting the year in their D.O.B(Date of Birth) from the given date’s year or present date’s year, then month is subtracted from both dates and finally the date is calculated. Results the accurate age in Days, Month and Year.

Ex., Date of Birth= 23 October 1998 , Age at date of = 26 December 2000, then age is subtracting date 23 from 26 ,then month 10 from  12 and then the year 1998 from 2000  results the present age is 2years, 2 months, 3 days.

Date of Birth= 18 October 1998 , Age at date of = 26 August 2007, then age is subtracting date 26 from 18 ,then month 08  from  10 and then the year 1998 from 2007  results the present age is 8 years, 10 months, 8 days.