BMI Calculator

What is a BMI ?

BMI means Body Mass Index,it is used to identify the body weight categories that may lead to health issues, but it does not detect the body fatness or health of an individual person, it is just an indication about weight related issues in future. BMI is calculated by weight divided by height of a person.

What is a BMI Calculator?

BMI of a person is the dividend value of that person’s weight in kilograms by height of that person in meters squared value.Suppose if person weight is 73kg, height is 5.4 feet then BMI is calculated by dividend value of 73kg by (1.64592)2, now BMI of that person is 27kg/m2. Here 5.4 feet equals 1.64592 meter.

BMI variation depends on many factors like our age, food habit, lifestyle and their work routine.

Categories of  BMI depends on our body weight:

Severe underweight<16 kg/m2
Underweight16.1 kg/m2 – 18.4 kg/m2
Normal weight18.5 kg/m2 – 24.9 kg/m2
Overweight 25 kg/m2– 29.9kg/m2
Severe Overweight or ObesityAbove 30 kg/m2

Being severely underweight and severely overweight they must consult the doctor immediately to solve their weight related health issues and have to take further tests to identify and enhance their health. Underweight people should change their foods by adding more nutrients rich fruits and vegetables, protein food , and add some good cholesterol foods like ghee, coconut, meat, etc., in their daily food routine. Overweight people should change their food habits with weight loss aided fruits, vegetables, green leafs and also exercise at least one hour per day gives more results. In severe condition Obese person may have some pills or tablets to help their weight reduction with doctor prescription.

Health problem being Overweight and obesity:

Being overweight may induce many health related issues easily, according to the Center for Disease control and prevention department following risk factors may phase the overweight people. So try to attain and maintain normal BMI for a healthy life.

  • High LDL, which means high level of bad cholesterol and Low HDL, means low good cholesterol in their body and  high level of Triglycerides.It leads to many health issues.
  • High risk of Heart related issues and stroke
  • Problem in their liver and pancreas
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Issues in Gall bladder like stone formation
  • Breathing issues like cessation breath
  • Body pain especially joint pain in legs is more common for obese people it affects the physical work.
  • Mental illness like anxiety, stress, depression.
  • Have more chance to Type II diabetics
  • Increased risk of Gastric cardia cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer,Endometrial cancer for women,Endometrial cancer,etc
  • Sometimes having 2 to 3 issues which are mentioned above at the same time may increase the mortality rate compared to normal BMI people.

Health problem being underweight and severe underweight:

Being underweight and severely underweight may lead to low antibiotics in their body so they may affect any diseases easily compared to normal BMI people. The following are some problem may face the underweight and severe underweight people:

  • Malnutrition, anemic and vitamin deficiency
  • Low physical growth ability according to their age because of malnutrition and iron deficiency.
  • Weaken bone strength because of calcium deficiency
  • Their immunity system may fails to sustain some infection and disease
  • Chance to have problems in their reproduction system for womens because of hormonal imbalance that cause the improper menstrual cycle and high chance to miscariage in the first trimester due to being underweight.
  • Commonly, increase the mortality rate compared to normal BMI people

How to maintain healthy BMI?

  • Some factors play a major role in maintaining a healthy BMI for a person that includes environment, genetics, metabolism,physical activity, energy balance and metabolism rate. Practicing some habits properly will help you to maintain proper BMI to lead a healthy life.
  • You should consider your energy balance i.e how much energy or calories get via your food and how much calories or energy actually you need to do your activities. Basically energy is calculated by unit of calories, so one should be conscious about the calorie intake to maintain balance of calorie in and calorie out.
  • If a person’s calorie is higher than calorie out, it leads to over weight gain and obesity. In contrast to that calorie intake less than calorie out leads to weight loss soon that person will face malnutrition problems.
  • Physical activity plays a major role in the BMI of a person, as we see above the calorie intake should be approximately balanced with the amount of calories burnt everyday. Calorie burn depends on your physical activities, so regular exercise makes you healthy and energetic.
  • Try to cut off high calorie foods i.e energy drinks, processed food items, fried and preserved or packed foods. Instead of those foods, taking low calorie high protein and nutritious foods helps to keep all day active and also maintain a healthy BMI.

How to calculate your BMI using our BMI calculator tool?

  • You can easily calculate your BMI by using an online calculating tool, manually calculating the BMI takes more time and may cause inaccuracy because of human error.
  • Our digital online calculator website provides lots of calculating tools in which you can calculate your BMI using our BMI calculator tool, for that you should know the height and weight.
  • By using this link https://www.digitalonlinecalculator.com/ you can reach our calculator tool, there you’ll see the menu option of the website homepage in the right hand side. You have to choose according to our needed calculation category, for calculating BMI it comes under the health calculators category.
  • So you have to click the plus symbol near the health calculators option, there you can see the list of various health calculating tools you can choose whatever you need to calculate.
  • In a short duration, your BMI calculating tool will appear on the screen, there you have given the input which is required to calculate the BMI value, i.e first you choose the method you want to measure your BMI there are two methods imperial and metric method. In the imperial method you have input the values like weight in lbs unit and height in ft and inches. By using the metric method it depends on weight in kg and height in centimeter cm.
  • After giving this input to calculate you just need to click the calculate option to get your accurate BMI value, the accuracy here mentioned depends on how accurately you give the input i.e your weight and height so be careful about your height and weight while measuring your BMI value.