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Calorie Calculator

What is Calorie?

The particular amount of energy is released while our body digests and absorbs the food particles that release energy measured in terms of Calorie. So calorie is a unit of energy. Three major sources of calories are carbohydrates, fat and protein for our body in our daily diet. An average man needs approximately 2500kcal for their daily needs but it varies according to gender, age, lifestyle, health condition and physical activities.

Most of the foods and ready to eat packed food items mentioned with an amount of calories in their packet discription. Some foods have more calories so additional calories are stored as body fat. Our daily calorie needs depend on work and physical work. More physical work requires a lot of calories to fulfill their energy needs.

Calorie types:

i. Small Calorie or low calorie:
Small calorie is the amount of energy needed to increase one ml of water into 1 degree celcius. Low calorie foods are used to maintain healthy weight and help to reduce the body weight with satiety. The food filled with more water, fiber and protein will fulfill our daily energy needs and also provides satiety for a long period. The term satiety means feeling full without eating extra more calorie foods. Broccoli, beans, eggs,fish,yogurt, oats are some examples for low calorie foods.

ii. Large Calorie or high Calorie:
The amount of energy needed to increase one degree Celsius temperature for one kilogram of water into one degree Celsius.Large calorie foods are mainly used to gain weight and give more energy for physical activities. Large calorie foods contain carbohydrates, proteins and fat content. Foods like red meat, salmon or any oily fish, pork, full cream milk, cheese, full fat yogurt, and eggs are filled with more proteins that provide more calories. Carbohydrates rich foods like potato rice, whole grains, breads and fat rich foods like nuts, butter, avocado, mayonnaise, and olive contain high Calorie.

Why do we need a calorie calculator?

Calorie calculator is used to determine the daily calorie needs if we had excess calories it will store as body fat. Suppose low calorie intake may lead to loss of energy so we may feel tired.So calorie calculator suggests the calorie needs for the body depends on BMI(Body Mass Index). A person eats more calorie foods regularly without physical work and exercise , it may lead to obesity in a short period. Various foods have varying amounts of calories to fulfill the energy needs for day to day work.

Daily calorie needs for men and women vary according to age metabolism and physical activities.
Generally recommended range of calories for an adult woman varies from 1600 kcal to 2400 kcal and an adult man needs 2000 kcal to 3000 kcal for daily routine