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Protein plays a major role for our body cell growth because protein is the basic building block of cells, every cell in our body needs a certain amount of protein to build and maintain the body tissue and important body functionality. Protein is essential for healthy skin, nail and hair growth, according to secretion and functionality there are 8 types of proteins:

i.Enzymatic protein
ii.Structural protein
iii.Defensive protein
iv.Storage protein
v.Receptor protein
vi.Contractile protein
vii.Transport protein
Viii.Hormonal protein

How much protein do I need daily?

Your daily protein needs depend on gender, age, physical activity level and growth. We get our daily protein needs from intaking meat, egg, milk related foods in our food routine. Protein intake needs vary with different factors but roughly a person needs 0.8g per kilogram of their body weight.

If you are trying to gain weight or lose weight, your daily protein intake may vary from normal people because protein rich foods need more time to digest so you’ll feel full for a long duration,that reduces the additional intake of foods. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers need more protein intake than others to ensure baby physical growth and organ development. Protein rich foods have thermic effects i.e it increases the body metabolism rate, you can burn more calories.

Beef, chicken, egg, and fish are protein rich non vegetarian foods and soy, milk, beans, nuts and grains have more protein in vegetarian foods.

Sign that you are not having enough protein:

i.Feeling weak and fatigue: If you are not having enough protein in your food routine for just a week, it leads to fatigue and feeling weak.
ii.Slow healing of injuries is one of the sigh of lack of protein in your body
iii.Damaged nail and hair shows the insufficiency of protein in your diet and your skin looks very dry and flaky means you need more attention in your protein and water intake.
iv.In some cases swelling is also the sign of protein insufficiency.
v.You are not feeling full after eating a meal orelse craving for more sugary or carbohydrate foods means you are not getting enough protein in your food.Because protein takes more time to digest than carbohydrate and fat foods.
vi. You are feeling tired all the time, which means you are not having sufficient protein in our food.
vii.Edema (kwashiorkor) is a severe form of protein insufficiency,even in developed countries people suffering a lot because of protein deficiency.
viii.Low intake of protein in food routine weakens the bone, it increases the possibilities of bone fracture.
ix.Protein is essential for children’s growth, not ensuring enough protein intake leads to lack of growth in children.
x.Malnutrition children affected by Marasmus, i.e it is one of the malnutrition problems caused by lack of protein, fat and carbohydrate intakes.
xi. Nails and hair indicate a healthy body by their growth rate so lacking of protein can be identified by easily brittle nails, sometimes breaking off easily and also stops the hair growth.

How to calculate your daily protein needs by using our protein intake calculator?

  • Your daily protein intake requirement depends on various factors such as height, weight, age, gender and activity level. According to these you have to add protein in your diet and another one important thing is why you are concentrating on your protein intake. If you’re planning to lose weight or else muscle gain, it can vary your protein intake.
  • You can visit our website for various health calculators to maintain a healthy lifestyle and other category calculators.
  • You have to choose the health calculators options option in the homepage menu to get your daily protein intake amount, in which you can see various calculators then you can choose protein intake calculator by simply clicking that.
  • By mentioning some input data such as your age, sex, height, weight and your activity level to measure precise protein intake need. Your goals like trying to lose fat, gain muscle or maintain the same weight are also important criteria to decide your protein needs.
  • After giving all these input values your protein intake needs will be displayed instantly, so you can plan your diet accordingly.